Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Google Talk on BlackBerry

Google Talk on BlackBerry 300x198 Google Talk on BlackBerry

As part of my reinitializing with the BlackBerry operating system I am going to outline some of the applications that I am using right now to try and accomplish what I was using my Android/iPhone for. I am going to review each of the applications that I install to better understand what I like and dislike about each and give some honest feedback.

The first application that I got when I activated my new (old) BlackBerry Curve 8330 was Google Talk. The main reason I did that is because it is one of the ways I communicate with my family and clients, one of the main ways. Not having access to Google Talk is a very bad thing, and I only decided to switch over when when I saw there was a native Google Talk client I could download. It was very important to me.

Thankfully, the Google Talk client for BlackBerry didn’t disappoint.

The BlackBerry Google Talk client is a free download available from (I still have not figured out why all the Google Applications are not in the BlackBerry App World, any pointers?).

The client is very easy to use, but does have some quirks that can be frustrating to use. For example, I have not found a very easy way to close all of the chats that are open at any given time. I usually have 1-4 chats going on at a time and having them all open really detracts from my experience. I would love to be easily able to close all of the chats when I log in in the morning and start fresh, so far I can only find out how to close individual chats, one at a time. Minor annoyance, but noticable.

The actual chat experience is a great one. The layout is a bit aged, but it works very well. The bullet items are a bit annoying – I wish it was a bit more fluid looking.

Overall, the application is really great and does not disappoint. Other than the minor user interface annoyances for myself, which are probably not a big deal to most people, the application is a very good Google Chat client for on the go. The one thing that Google has to get down itself is the sync of messages, if I answer an IM on my phone and sit down on my computer, I don’t see it show up. It just seems broken in that regard, but that is just one other annoyance in a very nice application for Google Talk.

I give it a 4.5/5 rating. Get rid of the minor UI annoyances and sync problem and this is a 5.5/5 application.

What are your thoughts on Google Talk for BlackBerry? Shout out in the comments!

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