Sunday, May 2, 2010

Oprah Winfrey now is on your BlackBerry handset.

oprahIt is needless to mention that Oprah Winfrey is among the world’s most powerful women. Every one of us wishes to get a chance to interact with her whenever possible. With the introduction of this new BlackBerry application, the fans of Oprah Winfrey will be able to interact with her at anytime they desire. No matter where you are, with the help of the Oprah Mobile application you can connect with her anytime, and from anywhere. The new BlackBerry application is developed by the leading developer of connected application for BlackBerry handset, Hands-On Mobile.

The Oprah Mobile application is very simple and easy to use. The BlackBerry application allows a user a single entry point, which means that every user will be connected to through a single application. There by saving the BlackBerry users from the hassle of handling several applications at a time.

The application was launched at the Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Studios. While launching the application, Erik Logan, president of Harpo Studios expressed his happiness. He said that it feels quite satisfying to introduce an application, which will make it possible for the people around the world to interact with the person, whose presence is so powerful in every kind of media. And it really feels good to fulfill the demand of millions of Oprah fans to connect in a new and fast way.

The BlackBerry application comes with bunch of features. The users will be able to view video clips of the Oprah Winfrey Show. People who do not get enough time to know about the content of the show can view a weekly calendar, which will provide complete information about the show. You will also receive messages and notifications about the show, and the availability of tickets. Those who missed out some special part of the show such as backstage interviews, favorite guests, etc can watch it through this application.

Apart from the show, you can also have access to the latest released articles and features from the website, and also from the Oprah Magazine. In the leisure time you can listen to the audio clips from Oprah Radio including Gayle King, Dr. Laura Berman, Dr. Mehmet Oz. therefore not a single time you will feel that you have missed something in the show. The Oprah Mobile application for the BlackBerry handsets is definitely going to bring smile on many faces. So, get the application today for your BlackBerry handset.

Website: Oprah Download

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