Tuesday, May 25, 2010

SmrtGuard Turns 1 Today!!!!!!

smrtguard birthday thumb SmrtGuard Turns 1 Today!!!!!!

SmrtGuard today turns 1 years old and they are celebrating in 2 big ways! The first way is with a new release of SmrtGuard. Smrtguard version 2.52 for BlackBerry includes Twitter support for Personal Guardian. Personal Guardian is a 1 push panic button when you are in trouble. It will alert others via email, SMS, phone call, and now Twitter, that you are in trouble. When triggered, Personal Guardian sends out a short message with your location (GPS and Network Triangulation). If you are an existing user, check out how to configure it.

The other way Smrtguard is going to celebrate its birthday, is by doing a Birthday Celebration Giveaway. Here is wwhat they are giving away!

· 10 SmrtGuard Unlimited Edition (not for sale). The Unlimited Edition means you will never pay for SmrtGuard service EVER!

· 20 SmrtGuard YEARLY subscriptions

· 30 SmrtGuard Semi-Annual subscriptions

· 100 SmrtGuard Monthly subscriptions

How to enter:

Simply download SmrtGuard via www.smrtguard.com/riskfree between May 24th and May 31th 2010, you will be automatically entered to win after you successfully verify your account. All existing users are automatically entered. No purchase necessary. Winners will be announced June 1st 2010.

sgtwitter 2 thumb SmrtGuard Turns 1 Today!!!!!! sgtwitter 3 thumb SmrtGuard Turns 1 Today!!!!!!

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