Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bitbop 3G TV Streaming App

bitbop mobile tv Bitbop 3G TV Streaming App

It can be a huge pain trying to get mobile TV and video content on your phone. But with the release of Bitbop 3G TV Streaming the possibility of having a mobile TV experience is now possible. Bitbop is currently free whilt it is in beta.

Bitbop is a little like the Hulu service, offering its users to watch shows from Fox, CBS, Comedy Central and NBC. This will allow users to watch complete TV shows that are commercial free. Just imagine enjoying a show without any interruptions, working over both WiFi and 3G connections.

As of the moment, this service is free, since it is still in beta so I suggest you get Bitbop and enjoy this feature as soon as possible. In the long run, expect this app to have a monthly charge of $10 a month. It may be a bit too steep of a price, but having the convenience of watching full length shows without those annoying commercials and some movie rentals; it seems to be worth it.

Enjoy this service while it’s free. One negative is it can hurt your eyes a little, especially if you are not used to watching movies on your BlackBerry phone. But since it is commercial free, your usual 1 hour TV show will just take around 30 to 45 minutes.

It is currently available only in the US. So for those who live outside the US, don’t waste your time for now, sorry to let you down.

The service states the Tour series, Curve 8900 and Bold devices are supported. However, if you don’t own any of those, there is no harm in still trying it out and seeing if you can get it to run on your phone.

Let me know what you think of the Bitbop TV app in the comments below.

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