Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Race to the Bottom with Cliffed

 Race to the Bottom with Cliffed

One of the most addictive and fun pick up and play games I have seen is Cliffed, I have played it on my iPad extensively and it is a very enjoyable puzzle/action game. The graphics are not always going to be your cup of tea, as they are a bit anime styled (some of you like that, I know) so take that into consideration.

The gameplay is pretty straight forward and fun however and it makes for a very fun game to play over and over again (you might get bored after a month or two, but by that time it has paid for itself).

Cliffed is an amusing vertical scrolling type game which allows you to race to the bottom of the location. Races become difficult as you get better at the game and opponents are always a challenge. Great as a single player game or turn based game to determine who is the fastest at descending from the highest of heights. High scores are tallied by speed and players can post scores online to compete against. Game play does have a short learning curve but provides some entertainment when learning how to go down the fastest.

Features Include:

  • Playable Characters – there are a total of 12 characters that are available. You start off with a few and unlock more the better you do in the game.
  • Grab and Go Controls – You can instantly start playing the game as the controls are very simple and easy to get used to.
  • Endless Game Play – The game will never stale as the challenges are always changing while providing the addictive quality to continue to beat the high scores.
  • Graphics – Smooth and polished graphics make the game even more enjoyable when descending at high speeds in Cliffed.

Pickup Cliffed in the BlackBerry App World for a very good price of $2.99 and enjoy, Cliffed supports all BlackBerry App World devices.

Click here
for the link to the BlackBerrry App World page for Cliffed.

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