Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How to make your Bold 9700 drop bars a.k.a. “How did it come to this?”

Just when I thought we were through with this story, the 9700 gets thrown in the mix during Apple’s press conference. Personally I really am through with this story, but have had some fun anyway trying to make the bars on my Bold 9700 jump up and down. Oh what a busy life I lead…

For those of you who’ve tried in vain to replicate the Steve Jobs demo: If you attempted this in a well lit-up area for network coverage or in a building with cell repeaters scattered on every floor – it probably ain’t gonna happen. That’s why Steve said during the press conference that the demo was done in a weak coverage area. When I tried replicating the trick straight after the press conference I couldn’t make it happen, and then I realized I was in an area with heavy network coverage.

As soon as I went to my favorite (read “dreaded”) network weak spot, I was able to get those bars jumping up and down like a family of kangaroos by holding the 9700 in my right hand with my thumb resting naturally along the side and then swapping to my left hand.

Now, back to the intro, I’m done with this story and as soon as 9800 fever gets into full swing I plan to forget about antennae entirely. Unless of course the antenna in the 9800 sucks…which it WON’T, because RIM engineers the BEST antenna designs IN THE WORLD!!! Discuss.

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