Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How To Install a Hybrid BlackBerry OS

We’ve covered how to install new or leaked BlackBerry OS‘ for those who want to run the latest version on their device, even though their carrier may not have released it yet. While that process helps users get the best performance out of their device, sometimes the new versions improve functionality of one feature, but have a negative effect on another. To truly get the most out of your device, you may consider installing a hybrid OS, which is basically a bunch of specific aspects of several OS versions compiled into one. For the purpose of this tutorial, we are installing the Willyboy 9700 v6.2 hybrid, one of the latest public releases by Willyboy6 over on

To install a hybrid OS, you must ensure the proper base OS is installed and still relatively fresh. Since this hybrid is meant to install over the official, I’ve restored my device to that OS version using this method. Once the device is restored, download and launch the hybrid .exe file. Follow the prompts to install the file to your computer.

Launch Hybrid exe How To Install a Hybrid BlackBerry OS

Start Installation of Hybrid How To Install a Hybrid BlackBerry OS

Initial Install Complete How To Install a Hybrid BlackBerry OS

Once installed, exit the hybrid installer, a program called Shrink-A-OS or BBHybrid Tool will automatically launch. Select any applications or languages you won’t use in order to save space, and press Shrink My OS! Do not shrink out any themes for default fonts.

BB Hybrids Tool How To Install a Hybrid BlackBerry OS

Once the process completes, click Launch Loader and follow the prompts to complete the installation. This process may take some time depending on how many applications/languages are being installed.

Launch Loader How To Install a Hybrid BlackBerry OS

If the correct base OS was installed initially and the process completed without error, your BlackBerry should have a new hybrid OS installed! For some of the most popular BB Hybrids, check out or


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