Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sprint Launching BlackBerry 9670 in Next “Couple Months”?

BlackBerry9670 Sprint Sprint Launching BlackBerry 9670 in Next Couple Months?

With all the buzz around the Torch 9800 and it’s launch on AT&T last week, we haven’t heard too much about the clamshell device RIM has been working on. The BlackBerry 9670 was originally rumoured to be a Verizon exclusive, but the folks over at BoyGeniusReport have independently confirmed that it will be coming to Sprint, sometime in the next “couple months”. Apparently, multiple sources have confirmed that they’re in possession of a Sprint branded 9670, so it looks like this one is true.

It will be interesting to see where else this device launches and what the public’s reception will be like, but it’s definitely nice to see RIM taking several new directions with their handset design.

[ via BoyGeniusReport ]

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