Sunday, October 10, 2010

Win a FREE FM Transmitter/Hands-Free/Charging System for your Vehicle!

car holder Win a FREE FM Transmitter/Hands Free/Charging System for your Vehicle!

Another Sunday has rolled around, and you know what the means! Another contest for our awesome readers! We’ve given away everything from microSD cards to bluetooth headsets so far, and this week, we’re giving away an uber-versatile car mount/FM radio transmitter system! This item does a whole lot, making it the perfect companion for anybody who drives, and comes courtesy of

Using a high quality silicone suction mounting system and a flexible gooseneck to allow adjustments, this unit will connect your BlackBerry device via your FM radio in your car, allowing you to enjoy music through your car stereo system right from your Blackberry. Your device connects to it using the 3.5mm headphone jack on most modern devices, and will not only bring your music to your vehicle’s speakers, but it will also provide hands-free calling! Using your device’s microphone to receive audio (your end of the call), it plays the other person’s voice through your speakers, keeping you safe while you drive.

Can it get any better? Absolutely! This unit will also charge your BlackBerry, camera, or any other electronic device that uses either miniUSB or microUSB connectors, so you don’t have to worry about your battery life while driving either. Functioning as 3 separate devices in one convenient package, anybody who owns a vehicle should enter now for your chance to win one in this week’s contest!

To enter, do any ONE of the following THREE things:

  • Tweet about the contest on Twitter. This can be done by clicking the “Retweet” button at the top of this post, by retweeting from the BerryReporter Twitter account, or manually. Just be sure to include @BerryReporter in your tweet! OR
  • Post about the contest on Facebook. Just make sure to include “” and a link to the contest post in your status update! OR
  • Simply leave a comment on this post. Make sure to leave a valid e-mail address so we can contact you if you’re the winner!

Please Note:

  • Contest is active effective immediately, and the draw will take place on Friday, October 15th at 5pm EST, so all entries must be received by that time
  • If you enter on Twitter, please make sure you’re following @BerryReporter
  • If you enter on Facebook, please make sure you “Like”
  • If you enter by leaving a comment, please make sure you provide a valid e-mail address. Don’t worry, it won’t show up for other to see!

Good luck everybody!

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