Wednesday, August 12, 2009

5 Reasons Why BlackBerry is Still Better than the iPhone

So you just purchased that new iPhone 3GS and you’re thinking you have the best phone on the planet right? Well you might want to rethink that because the Blackberry smartphone still reigns supreme. Sure on the outside with all its flash and looks the iPhone seems like it’s the best thing ever but when it comes to mobile phones it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

1. Security

Let’s face it the Blackberry is the most secure device out there. With its built in firewall and many security features the iPhone just can’t compete in this department. I don’t think I even have to mention the recent iPhone hacker scare. It had thousands of iPhone users ready to drop like flies and move over to the other side. Even though the iPhone works seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange it still has security vulnerabilities that keep companies from switching to them.

Security is never an issue with the BlackBerry which even has the capability for remote-controlled lobotomy if your phone is stolen. Furthermore Obama uses a BlackBerry need I say more?

2. Typing

If you’re like me and have larger than normal fingers than you already know how much of pain it is typing on the iPhone. Now I will admit Apple has made it a little easier with the addition of landscape mode but some programs still make you type in portrait view. I’m sorry but the one hand typing thing just does not work. Even when I think I am getting better I still hit too many wrong keys. In the other corner RIM has perfected the QWERTY keyboard to fit and feel perfect on most of their phones.

3. Carriers

AT&T, enough said.

4. MMS

First things first I will admit this is not really a fault of the iPhone it’s mostly AT&T but still it’s a big problem. I’ve always been baffled as to why the iPhone didn’t have MMS from day one. Some will use the excuse of just sending an email instead. The main problem with that is not everybody has a smartphone these days and if they want to easily send a picture they should be able to.

5. Email

Arguably one of the greatest features of any smartphone is push email and BlackBerry is no doubt the king. The ability to instantly get an email from any of your accounts really is one of the best things about a BlackBerry. Yes the iPhone does have legitimate email software but it is not instantaneous and can be a pain logging into your account to see new emails. This also ties into all notifications because the LED light on the BlackBerry may seem like nothing big but its a huge feature. Any type of notification from a text message to a Facebook message triggers that little red light of joy. It really signifies what the BlackBerry is all about, simple yet extremely effective.


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