Friday, August 14, 2009

Top 10 BlackBerry Apps fo Blackberry Tour

In no particular order, following are the top 10 applications that I have installed on my BlackBerry. Also, these applications are all free.

BlackBerry App World
I use this application to search for other BlackBerry apps. Many of the apps that I use are not actually in the BlackBerry App World, but this comes in handy to see which apps are popular in case one of them piques my interst.

I am using this application to post updates to my Twitter account. All of the functions do not work always work for me, like all the timeline updates, but the basic ability to post is there, which is what I use it for.

This is an all-in-one instant messenger service. It allows you to sign on to the main instant messenger services. I had to do some hunting to find this one, but it was worth it. Many similar services charge a fee to use their application, but this one is free.I have it configured for AIM, gChat, and MSN Live Messenger.

This is the app that lets me use Facebook on my BlackBerry. The great feature about this is that when updates occur on Facebook, the application notifies you. I do still prefer the Facebook mobile site over this application for use of all the features of Facebook, but the notifications that this app offers let me know when something new has happened.

I’m a bit of a clean-freak when it comes to my hard disks. If I delete a program, I want to make sure it is completely gone from my computer. I am the same way with the smart phone. I use this application to be able to view and delete files and folders on the device.

This is similar to Verizon’s Visual Voicemail service, but it’s free. Yes, it is run by a third party, but it makes the process of perusing and deleting voicemail much more efficient than having to call, listen, and manually save or delete voicemail messages. See who called, when they called, and listen to the voicemail.

This application lets me listen to my favorite radio stations from across the country, live. I save a few bucks a month by not having to pay to listen to the streams of my favorite radio stations online as this app lets your phone act as an FM radio.

Google Voice
Holy Cow. I love this application. The Google Voice service allows me to set up a new phone number from any local that I wish. This app lets me make free calls using that phone number and send and receive SMS text messages. It includes caller ID, voicemail, call screening, and a bevy of other features. This service is not yet available to everyone, so you may need an invite to be able to sign up.

This application in itself is a reason that many iPhone users are switching to BlackBerry. Apple does not currently allow this app to be run on the iPhone.

Google Maps
Another one from the Google family. I use this to find where I am going, all the time. I just input an address, and it will map the directions for me, all from my current or specified location. When I’m driving, the vehicle icon follows along on the map to show where I am. Since this uses triangulation rather than actual GPS, my pinpointed location is not always exact. But this is still good enough to see where I am at any time.

So you can see in the dark! Use your BlackBerry as a flashlight!

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