Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Appboy social network for app developers and users


Not sure if you guys have heard about AppBoy but it’s a really cool social network for mobile app developers and users. Developers can create their personal appstore, add/upload their apps, socialize with users, receive feedback, and promote their apps and appstore via a personal viral URL.

My favorite part of this social network is that any user can submit their app ideas, and the idea with the most positive votes, are then developed by Appboy. The user who submitted the idea is awarded $250. Users can also create their own personal appstore, where they get paid a 5% commission on any apps sold.

Personally, I’m always thinking “there should be an app for that” whenever I come across a situation I know my BlackBerry can help with. Sometimes I can’t find any software in the BlackBerry Cool store or App World that can help. With AppBoy, I finally have a place where I can pitch these ideas, and maybe even make a few bucks.

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