Monday, December 7, 2009

Where Did My 'Show Recent Contacts When Composing Email' Option Go?

Do You Use The 'Show Recent Contacts When Composing Email' Option?(poll)

General Options

General Options

While cranking out some emails the other day, I was frantically searching for a contact I knew I had. There were multiple times I had emailed this person from my Tour, and I could not for the life of me find the address on my 9700. I ran through my contacts over and over to no avail. I grabbed my Tour and did the same with no result. In my mass hysteria I started the email again, this time on the Tour. As I type out the address, sure enough it showed up. It was then I realized that my "Gmail Style" recent contacts did not display when composing an email from the Bold 9700. A bit of digging (and 4 days later) I discovered that the Tour 9630 shows an option to Show Recent Contacts When Composing Email which was set to on. Apparently on the Bold 9700 (and multiple other devices) this option is nowhere to be found. I had grown to love this feature, and honestly I'm quite upset that I no longer have it. I have no idea if it is carrier based, OS based or where it stems from, but I want it back. My question is this - did you have this feature and love it on an old device, but have since moved on and want it back? Did you not even know it existed? Take a vote in the poll and let us know.

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