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BlackBerry Curve Spy Software | How To Spy On A BlackBerry Curve

BlackBerry Curve Spy Software
I get a lot of emails from people asking me about BlackBerry spy software. Out of all these emails, I’d say roughly 75% ask specifically about how to spy on a BlackBerry Curve.  I knew the Curve was a popular model, but I didn’t realize it was the top selling consumer phone in the US until I read a recent report published on November 25th.
According to research firm NPD Group, the BlackBerry Curve was the #1 consumer smart phone in the U.S. The iPhone 3GS and 3G took second and third place.  Although this #1 ranking was due largely to a 2 for 1 promotion Verizon had, this report explains why so many people are interested in BlackBerry Curve spy software.
The good news is that for anyone who is looking for BlackBerry Curve spy software (or spy software for any other BlackBerry phone), a few options do exist using BlackBerry spy software.
BlackBerry spy software is an application that is installed directly into the BlackBerry phone you intend to monitor. Once installed, the BlackBerry spy software secretly records specific BlackBerry events such as the sending or receiving of text messages messages, email, etc.  The events are then uploaded to a secure online web account where you can log in via any internet connected device that has a web browser.
Despite what you might see advertised around the web, only two spy phone vendors are currently selling BlackBerry spy software. Here is a little information about each company and their BlackBerry spy product.

Flexispy’s PRO-X BlackBerry spy software is the most advanced BlackBerry spy software available anywhere.  Anyone willing to part ways with $350 USD, can get BlackBerry Curve spy software which will enable them to secretly read text messages, emails, view the phone’s call history, track their location via GPS, remotely monitor their surroundings, and listen to live phone calls.  Flexispy PRO-X is definitely worth the money if you think you’ll need all these features.
Everyone has their own reason for wanting to purchase spy phone software, some want to spy on their spouse, monitor their children’s cell phone use, employers might want to monitor their employees, or perhaps someone might want to use BlackBerry spy software as a personal back up solution. If you analyze your situation and you feel that having the ability to secretly listen in on live calls or listen in on the BlackBerry’s surroundings is a must have feature, then without a doubt go with Flexispy. Whenever someone asks me which BlackBerry spy software I personally recommend, I always say, “Flexispy!, if you are not on a budget.” If you are on a budget, or don’t need all the features Flexispy’s PRO-X has, then check out the second option below.
Flexispy BlackBerry Spy Software
  • Product: Flexispy PRO-X
  • Spy Phone Features: Live call interception, remote monitoring, text message interception, view call logs, stealth GPS tracking, & 100% undetectable.
  • Guarantee: 10 day money back guarantee.
  • Price: $349 USD
  • URL: www.flexispysoftware.com
Mobile Spy is a new player in the BlackBerry spy world, but they are not new to the spy phone industry. Mobile Spy was the first spy phone company to release both iPhone & Android spy software, so they definitely know what they are doing. Mobile Spy’s BlackBerry spy software does not have all the features as Flexispy’s PRO-X, but it does offer all the standard spy features that should be enough for most situations.
Mobile Spy ’s BlackBerry spy software enables someone to secretly read text messages, call logs, & has stealth GPS tracking. They do not currently support live call interception, remote monitoring, or email logging, but it’s a lot more affordable compared to Flexispy. Mobile Spy has an option to get started for only $49.97 USD, which will give you a three month license.  Remember, it’s up to you to decide what your budget is and what spy features you need, before making a decision on which BlackBerry spy software to buy.
Mobile Spy BlackBerry Spy Software
  • Product: Mobile Spy BlackBerry
  • Spy Phone Features: Stealth GPS tracking, text message interception, & view call logs.
  • Guarantee: 10 day money back guarantee.30 day money back guarantee. (If they can’t get the the software to work on your phone.)

  • Price: $49.97 USD (3 month license) or  $99.97 USD (1 year license)
  • URL: www.mobile-spy.net
IMPORTANT! -> If you purchase BlackBerry spy software (Flexispy or Mobile Spy), you MUST HAVE ACCESS TO THE BLACKBERRY CELL PHONE! There is no way to install BlackBerry spy software if you cannot get physical access to the BlackBerry cell phone that you intend to spy on.  If you cannot get access to the BlackBerry cell phone, here are a couple suggestions.
1) Buy A New BlackBerry. The easiest way to make sure you successfully install spy software on a BlackBerry Curve or any other BlackBerry cell phone, is to purchase a new BlackBerry phone (Christmas is right around the corner!), take the time to install the spy software, configure it, test it, and then give the BlackBerry cell phone to your target (person you want to spy on/monitor) as a gift.
2) Use Reverse Cell Phone Look Up Services. If you only have a minute alone with the cell phone, which is not enough time to download the spy software, install it, and configure it, then you can always quickly glance down and look to see which numbers are called the most during odd hours of the day.  Now take this number and enter it in any of the reverse cell phone look up services to get information on who this person is. If the number is a land line, you can do a reverse look up free of charge, but if it’s a cell phone, you’ll have to pay anywhere from $4.95 -$14.95 per search. You can try Cell Phone Snoop (www.cellphonesnoop.com), Intellius (www.intellius.com), or just type in ‘Reverse cell phone look up service’ in Google, Bing, Yahoo, or whatever search engine you use.
Before I end this blog post, I want to add a few common BlackBerry spy phone questions that are often asked.
Q: Can I spy on BlackBerry messenger conversations?
SPG: No. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to monitor BlackBerry messenger conversations. There is a way to technically do this, by creating a fake BlackBerry messenger app. Essentially you trick the user into using a custom made app that has the same look and feel as the real BlackBerry messenger. However, the one they are using actually was created by the spy phone vendor, so it records all the conversations that occur. To create this would take a lot of work, and I’m not sure if either Flexispy or Mobile Spy are willing to invest the time and resources into this.
Q: My husband/wife always keeps their BlackBerry Curve locked, and I don’t know the passcode. Can I install BB spy software even though their BlackBerry Curve is locked?
SPG:  No. You need to get full access to the BlackBerry cell phone.  In order to install the software, you’ll need to use the phone’s internet browser and type in a URL given to you by the spy phone vendor. This will then start a download of the spy software. Once you have downloaded the software, you’ll have to install and configure it. The entire process will take anywhere from 5-30 minutes, depending on your experience with BlackBerry applications. The good news is that once you install the BlackBerry spy software, you’ll not have to touch the BlackBerry phone again. However, if you can’t get past the initial phone lock, you’ll never be able to install the BlackBerry spy software.

Q: What type of phone do I need to have in order to spy on a BlackBerry?
SPG: You don’t even need a cell phone to spy on a BlackBerry. The reason is that the BlackBerry spy software is installed on the BlackBerry of the person you want to spy on. The only thing you need is access to a PC that has an Internet Browser, so you can access your online account, and view the data that was recorded on your target’s BlackBerry device.

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