Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Unlock your BlackBerry Storm with StormSlider

Unlock your BlackBerry Storm with StormSlider

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As you probably know RIM's default lock is rather sluggish and boring. That's where StormSlider comes into play.

Depending on what options you choose the lock will automatically activate when:

The Screen Fades Out: When ever your screen fades out and you click the screen to turn it back on you will be presented with the StormSlider. You will have to slide to unlock your phone.

When you phone restarts: You can turn this option on or off depending on what you want. When it's set to on though StormSlider will launch right when your phone restarts. This will prevent people from gaining access to your phone (if you have a password set)

When on the phone: If you have this option set to yes StormSlider will activate 3 seconds after your call has been connected. This is a great feature as you can no longer press buttons with your cheek.

You have the option to enter a 4 digit password on the app. When you slide to unlock, you will be presented with a keypad. You will need to enter the 4 digit code to unlock the app. If the code is entered incorrectly the keypad will close and the lock will not close. While developing this application I locked myself out of my phone 3 times on accident.

You can now use the app in both landscape and portrait mode.

As always this product comes with lifetime upgrades and support.

  • Fast / Smooth Locking App

  • Works with default lock button

  • Simple to use / setup

  • Landscape & Portrait Mode

  • Secure, using a 4 digit password (you can enable / disable this)

  • Activate on phone call (no more pressing buttons with your cheeks)

  • Activate on screen timeout

  • Activate on phone startup

  • Download & Buy It!

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