Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Official BlackBerry Blog Inside BlackBerry Gets a New Look

Official BlackBerry Blog Inside BlackBerry Gets a New Look: "


Inside BlackBerry have updated their site with a new look as well as more community features. The new layout features:

  • A direct link to the Developers Blog.
  • Link to the Community Post (support forums blog).
  • More MyBlackBerry community promotion.
  • Links to all their social networks (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube).
  • Featured YouTube video from the BlackBerry channel.
  • Twitter feed.
  • Google login.
  • Recent comments section.
  • Tags.

The update looks decent and it makes reading the site a little easier. Overall, I think this is a positive improvement, but I the real value from Inside BlackBerry is going to be from the content. I really liked the most recent article about the trackpad, and I think RIM should put out more of these. At least a feature per day would be ideal.

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