Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Verizon Makes Bing Default Search Provider on BlackBerrys

When I first read about this on the BoyGenius I thought it was a fluke. Now Verizon has come back and confirmed that they have made Bing the default and only search provider on newer BlackBerry devices from their Go To browser screen and homepage.

I totally understand Verizon making money from Bing by making them the default search provider but they have also REMOVED Wikipedia and Google from the options so you cannot search through them unless you bookmark them. I guess Verizon is not making enough money on their $350 ETF fees that they need to rake in more cash. Even Internet Explorer and Firefox give you the option to change between providers and they make 90% of their money off of search deals!

This must be Verizon’s gift to customers for the holidays. It is truly sad since Verizon was playing nice recently by adding Wi-Fi, opening GPS access, and more for BlackBerrys. Two steps forward one step back…

1 comment:

  1. LMAO & get a grip and learn how to use the settings on you blackberry...you can hide the BING icon away and you never have to see it and just reset your homepage, bookmarks, whatever. I don't even know BING exists on my BBerry.