Sunday, January 3, 2010

Blackberry 8330 and pdf files?

I read older models can open PDF files how do I do it with this version of the blackberry?

Bring up the "options menu" the icon looks like a wrench. the first item is "About" click on that and read the version of the software. If it is not version or higher, it is time to upgrade. Pick a time when you can live without using your phone for 3 hrs since it takes almost that long to download the new software from the phone. click on "options". scroll down to "advanced options" click on that. Scroll to wireless upgrade on the very bottom. click on that. Follow all the prompts from the Blackberry. If you follow all the prompts correctly, you should download software version which is the latest upgrade. With the upgrade, you can easily read PDF files. Remember to copy down all information out of your calendar, and I would strongly suggest copying down your phone book contacts too, just in case the upgrade messes them up. It shouldn't but better safe than sorry.

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