Monday, January 4, 2010

Blackberry users. Can I have messages from a sender automatically move to a different folder?

I use rules in Outlook to move messages directly to a Sub Folder based on the user email address. It does not do this on my blackberry. How do I get messages from one person to automatically bypass the message inbox and go to a subfolder?

When I enable the redirect, it only copies the message to that folder but it still sits in my messages.

If you're on a work BES system (work issued BlackBerry most likely with a BlackBerry server) then the BlackBerry follows the Exchange servers rules (aka if outlook redirects your email to a folder, then so does BlackBerry). However, there is an email option that you tell your BlackBerry not to show messages in other folders other than Inbox. If you are looking at your messages inbox, click the menu button, go to Options, one of them should say "hide filed messages", say yes. You can tell when something has been filed because it has multiple envelopes as an icon instead of one single envelope.

Now, if you bought your BlackBerry on your own and don't have a BES system, then a "BIS" email system (personal that comes with a BlackBerry if an individual purchases it from the carrier) it doesn't support folders or filing of any sort.

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