Monday, January 18, 2010

How to reinstall the browser on a blackberry storm

I just purchased a blackberry storm yesterday (June 1) and of course I had to update it. Everything was regained except my browser does not look like it is installed. I have connected it to my computer and used the Blackberry desktop manager to try to install it, but its not there. Also my Apps World doesn't work anymore, but I really care to regain my browser since it was working fine yesterday and today before I complete the firmware upgrade. HELP!

Ok so what you would need to do is a Handeld Wipe but before that do a Battery Reset and see if that works.

Take the batter out without switching off the phone ... and then BB button and make sure it says SHOW ALL .. the icon might be hidden.

Oh and even before that make your you have the INTERNET feature in your price plan. That soc (service offer code) might have expired in your customer profile so just call your customer service first)

Options>Security>General Settings
Menu/BB button>Wipe Handheld>and then follow the on screen instructions

Once that is done
-- make sure all the service books are deleted as well
-- Options>Advanced Options>Service Book
Delete every single one. The only one you can't is Provisioning[PROVISIONING]

Then log into your BIS account where you setup your emails ... http://(your service providers name)

On the left you'll see Service Book .. resend them to yourself

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