Thursday, May 20, 2010

The BlackBerry Bold 9700 Review

BlackBerry Bold 9700 300x259 The BlackBerry Bold 9700 Review

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to recieve a BlackBerry Bold 9700 from my good friends at RIM. I had just switched over the AT&T from Verizon because I was looking for a better deal and AT&T had just that. Now if any of you have been following me here at BerryReporter you know that I have been using a BlackBerry Storm2 9550. I have to say I was quiet pleased with the touchscreen factor of the Storm 9550. The last BlackBerry with a physical keyboard that i had used was the BlackBerry Tour 9630. So I was a little worried what I would think of going back to the physical keyboard. Here is the full in depth review of the BlackBerry Bold 9700!

Look and Feel

When I first picked up noticed two things. The first thing I notice was how beautiful the device looked with the chrome surrounding the housing. I also notice the weight of the device. It felt really light in the palm of my hand. I really missed the lightness of keyboard devices. With the BlackBerry Storm2 having all the extra things underneath the hood weighs it down a bit.

Screen and Keyboard

The screen of the Bold 9700 is pretty damn amazing! It makes every look so much better. I love watching videos on this device. The only thing about the screen for someone coming from a Storm device is that has much more screen lanscape than any keyboard device. The keyboard of the Bold 9700 is pretty good as well. I do have to say that i kinda did miss the keyboard device and all the different keyboard shortcuts that I couldn’t do on the Storm2. Also I’m gonna throw the trackpad into the screen/keyboard section, and I am really thankful that RIM decided to scratch the whole trackball concept and start to go with the trackpads on all keyboard devices.

Device Usage

Now the device is shipped with OS 5.0.405 so it was pretty up to date. The device runs smoothly and there is no lag what so ever. A few time my BlackBerry Storm2 would lag even though it has more memory than the Bold 9700 has. The trackpad makes nagivation so much easier. There were a lot of AT&T apps that I couldn’t figure out but some I have now and some I haven’t.


I really love this device and believe it is the best BlackBerry device that has been developed yet. Now I know why the Bold series is RIM’s flagship device. If you are a customer of AT&T or T-Mobile then I high recommend upgrading to this device. It is a premier device that I believe is the must have BlackBerry device and seemed very popular at WES 2010 :)

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