Monday, May 31, 2010

How to do a complete backup of blackberry with all the applications and stuff?

backup-blackberry Ahh, last week I finally got the Bold 9700! And while I want to play around with it a bit before posting review, checking the new OS5 features we already mentioned… Anyhow, before I used Desktop Manager to “change device” to new Bold, I wanted to make a full backup of my Bold 9000 in case I needed to go back/just to have a full backup handy. Normally when you do a backup all the data is backed, but this is not the case with 3rd party applications…

So, if you are like me, you probably have many 3rd party applications installed, and it is a few hours work to find/reinstall them again (especially if you bought some of them, in which case, you have to first find that email with user data/serial/download link etc)… Anyhow, a full backup with all 3rd party apps is the solutions. But how to do it?

Well, it is simple. First make sure you have the latest Desktop Manager installed, as this method only works with Desktop manager 4.7 and higher. Besides – if you have Desktop manager prior to 5.x you are missing out, as Desktop manager 5 is faster!

1) Plug in device>Open Desktop Manager>Device Switch Wizard

2) Device Switch Wizard>BlackBerry devices

3) Make sure ONLY 3rd Party Applications is checked>Select Next

4) Desktop Manager will back up 3rd party apps, when finished DO NOT select Next or Cancel!!!

5) Search your computer Files & Folders and DEFINITELY make sure to search HIDDEN FILES & FOLDERS for a folder with the same name as your PIN and a .alx file.

6) Move both the folder and .alx file to an easy a accessible place you remember.

7) Go back to the Desktop Manager and cancel the process.

How to find this temporary folder? Easy – on Vista/Win 7 do this:

Open Windows Explorer and write %TEMP% in address bar. List of all temporary directories will open. You are looking for directory named similar to this “304523d4” – representing your phone’s PIN number. If unsuccessful, try this method:

1) Click Start Circle

2) Click on Help & Support

3) Enter "Search Folder"

4) Click on "Find a file or folder"

5) Click on "To find a file or folder using the Search folder"

6) Click on "Click to open search"

7) Click on the expand arrow next to "Advanced Search"

8) Click on "Location" and use Local Disk C: (usually!)

9) Enter the PIN of your BB under "Name"

10) Make sure the box is checked next to "Include non-indexed, hidden, and system files"

If you do not want to follow those instructions you may take this path also:


You have now completed backing up your phone’s 3rd party applications. If you need to restore them, use this method:

1) Plug in device>Open Desktop Manager

2) Select Apploader>Add/Remove Applications

3) Select Add

4) Browse to Folder named your PIN #

5) Select the .alx file and Select Open>Select Next


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