Monday, May 31, 2010

Tips & Tricks for your BlackBerry Camera


The BlackBerry has a good camera and it can be tweaked a bit to give even better results. Just follow the tips in this article and you will see a significant improvement in its picture quality. There are also some handy suggestions that could make your BlackBerry experience much more pleasant.

Stand closer

First off you need to be standing closer to your subjects. The further you are, the lesser detail you can capture. Move away just as much as you need to capture your shot. Zooming in from a distance reduces picture quality.

Hold the phone steady

A very basic mistake that people make is not controlling the movement of the hand holding the phone. Your hand has to be steady. The best way to do that is to hold your breath as you take the shot and keep your hand steady for a few seconds after the shot has been taken.

Limit the use of the flashlight

People tend to overuse the flash function. Using it in places where there is already enough light can cause unnecessary reflections. Only use flash when necessary because it also reduces battery life.

Photo Reminder

Tasks and errands can be better remembered if you use photo reminders. Use photos to help remember future tasks/errands etc. The BlackBerry also makes organizing and sharing photos a lot easier. You can organize your digital media using BlackBerry folders and share images via digital photo apps like Flickr, Facebook or MySpace for BlackBerry.

Activate Custom Mode

If you ever want to be able to take good photos with any camera, let alone the BlackBerry’s, stop using the standard mode. You can set custom options for your BlackBerry camera when you open the camera application, then press the BlackBerry menu button and select “Options”.

Modify white balance settings according the environment and see the difference. There are many online tutorials available so that should not be a problem. The BlackBerry has many useful customization options. Experiment with built-in color effects like black & white or sepia to give your photos an artistic touch. You can also modify BlackBerry image quality camera settings, increasing or decreasing the image quality according to your needs for size.

Geo Tagging of Pictures

With the BlackBerry you can also employ geo-tagging, where available, to tie location info to images. This way you’ll be able to know where each photo was taken. It’s a handy function to have.

Regularly Cleaning

A simple yet effective trick is to make sure that your camera lens and flash are free from dust and debris. Clean them regularly with a cotton swab or Q-tip. If these aren’t available then any paper towel or tissue can do the job. Just make sure of its quality as it has to be absolutely lint-free, otherwise you’ll end up leaving more debris than you clean.

Battery Life

Now to talk about the battery life, there are battery-life-protection measures built into the camera that dim down the flash when the battery power level drops below 20 percent, to conserve battery power. In cold temperatures the flash might turn off if the battery power level drops below 20 percent. But nonetheless, try to refrain from overusing the flash and use it only where needed.

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