Monday, May 10, 2010

More pictures of BlackBerry 9670 sporting OS 6


Well, look who made it to the spotlight again. The 9670 has become notorious for creating haters and lovers alike. It has been the device that really separates the two different sides to RIM’s fan base, the ones who want to see leaps and bounds in innovation, and the ones who truly love RIM’s conservatism and “sticking to the basics” approach at development. More pictures and thoughts after the break.

via: BBLeaks



We can clearly see BlackBerry 6 in the pictures, and that has been another hot topic that divides the two parties. What side are you on? As for the clamshell device, I won’t make too many judgments until I get one in my hand and see how it feels. BlackBerry 6, now I’m excited for that. It doesn’t seem like too big of a leap, but just enough to bring RIM back into the game. Now all we need is some more killer apps.

What do you guys think?

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