Monday, May 10, 2010

Pinwall for BlackBerry Updates – Fixing Bugs & Adds Larger Homescreen Icon

This new version came out while we were busy at WES, and discreetly came out too as no one else really noticed. It’s not a big release, but the overall performance of the application has been enhanced. Based on current users’ opinions, the application is a lot less buggy and isn’t getting anymore of those “uncaught exception” errors. Something I noticed which wasn’t in their change log is the homescreen icon. It looks like they have made it larger now, making it go well side by side with other apps. If you recall before, the icon was way too small and just looked odd. Any way, that’s all from Pinwall so far. Whether you have Pinwall or not, just point your BlackBerry Browser to to get the latest updated version.

-by Mac Jadalhack

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