Monday, May 10, 2010

Trillian Messenger for Blackberry finally coming!!!!!

Well, Well, Well look what we have here, looks like Trillian messenger is coming to blackberry platform finally. This should give Beejive and IM+ some competition now. The current version of this app is in closed beta right now but hopefully should be out soon. If anyone is like me and hates having 4 different apps for instant messenger and nothing for facebook chat ( well one that works well anyway) should be pretty excited about this app. From what i assume the app should carry support for the major instant messenger commpanies like yahoo, google talk, windows live, Aim, facebook, myspaceIM etc etc.

It looks like there will be alot of options for the blackberrys verison of trillion, from reading from their site its going have things like 2 customizable themes that you can change to, alot of keyboard shortcuts. Will have the ability to send photos from your camera or picture folder to any contact in your list. One of the decent features is the app will be running in the background so its easier to get alerted, this is a great feature to have but one of the main questions is, Will it drain the battery or slow the phone down?

Well this app looks like it has my vote but i won’t be for sure untill i try it out for myself. If anyone wants to read about it or see some pics or even sign up to be notified when its avail check out the link below.

Trillian Messenger

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