Friday, May 14, 2010

Most Used Applications in First Week

I have had my BlackBerry for about a week now (I know, you are getting sick of the newbie talking, aren’t you?). I am starting to like it quite a bit, and there are a few applications I want to highlight two of my favorites so far.

BlackBerry Messenger Most Used Applications in First Week

BlackBerry Messenger

I didn’t know what all the talk was about with BBM, but it is really great if you know people that are using it. If your friends and family have a BlackBerry BBM is the best way to communicate with them unless of course you want to actually talk on the phone. It’s great for me, since I live on the border of two countries I have friends that live on both sides. The ability to BBM them for free instead of having a costly texting plan (that doesn’t include international) is a lifesaver. It could keep me on BlackBerry just for that.


I know everyone raves about how good of a email phone BlackBerries are, I just didn’t see it before. The ability to type is amazing. Coming from a Droid most recently, the keyboard on the BlackBerry kicks the a** of the Droid. The touchscreen and the hardware keyboard simply can’t compare to the BlackBerry keyboard on my 8330.

What are your two must have apps for your BlackBerry?

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