Saturday, May 15, 2010

PinWall- The New FaceBook for BlackBerry Users

100515130859 300x225 PinWall  The New FaceBook for BlackBerry Users

From time to time I circle through BlackBerry app world looking for apps that I haven’t seen before and haven’t used before. Last night I came across an app that I really like. It is called Pinwall and it is basically FaceBook for BlackBerry users. It gives you a new way to find people who also own BlackBerries.

You are assigned a profile that you can customize with your own picture, your date of birth, where you live, and a brief bio of yourself. You can even say what you are looking for, like such as friendships, networking, business, even a relationship. You can search for users that live in your country.

This app makes sense because it gives BlackBerry users a way to connect with each other if they don’t know of website forums like the BerryReporter forums.

Click here to download and learn more about PinWall

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