Tuesday, June 1, 2010

BlackBerry Beta Zone Opens Up to More Countries

BlackBerry 300x250 BlackBerry Beta Zone Opens Up to More Countries

RIM buckled down to work and hammered down what was for many observers a hard fought legal agreement to extend their sphere of influence to cover the Asia-Pacific region. For those who are not yet aware of the latest development, the BlackBerry Beta Zone is now open in Malaysia, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong and Puerto Rico. This means that avid users of BlackBerry can now access the facility to beta test any of the applications that are currently being worked on by RIM. For those based in these countries, the only thing that they have to do is sign up to open an account at www.blackbery,com/beta. Before the BlackBerry Beta Zone was made available in these countries, it used to be available only in the US, Canada and UK.

There are several great opportunities that are in store for BlackBerry users. Once you are already signed up as a member, you can freely access and comment on the software prior to its launch in the market. Equipped with exclusive information and news as a member, it also renders you the chance to be a Blackberry trendsetter. Likewise, you will be assured that your voice and opinions will be heard as you can directly send in your feedback to RIM. With all these benefits, you also have the potential to influence the further development of BlackBerry as it opts to provide better experience to its users.

Moreover, the good thing about BlackBerry Beta Zone is that you are not only allowed to participate in great programs and applications; you can also reap some exciting rewards and benefits from these. To top all these, this offer comes free of charge! Therefore, you do not have to worry about losing your month’s salary in exchange for the exclusive information and excitement that come with the service of BlackBerry Beta Zone.

Further, RIM does not seem to have plans of impeding their continuous upgrading any time soon. In fact, they have plans of extending their reach to more places and countries. In the following months, you can expect BlackBerry to have completely dominated every place that you know.

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