Wednesday, June 2, 2010

BlackBerry Storm 2 Game Review: Need for Speed Shift 3D

26179 BlackBerry Storm 2 Game Review: Need for Speed Shift 3D

For the most part of it, I am not really surprised with all the teasers being delivered by EA Mobile through demos of Need for Speed for what seems to be like ages. The Need for Speed Shift gets an amazing boost from the exciting OpenGL 3D which supports the most recent Storm2 9550, and boy, the game really rocks. The word “awesome,” for me, seems to be an understatement. The first time I tried it out for size, it made me wish I should have had a Storm.

The Need for Speed Shift 3D carries a tag price of $9.99 at App World, this is definitely a good deal once you have an idea of what you are getting yourself into. Nonetheless, what really confuse me are the 2 listings for this application. One list is for US, Canada and Japan, a list that separates them from other countries that fall under a separate list. I find it unfortunate that this application is only available for BlackBerry Curve 8530 and Storm2 as they have support for OpenGL, although I am not completely sure if the 8530 can really handle it.

I like the game for its gut-wrenching and aggressive treatment of 3D racing simulation. I definitely would love to grab the wheel of the hottest supercars that heat up the Pro Circuit. If you are eager to burn rubber and have the unquenchable need for speed, then you are definitely looking for Need for Speed Shift 3D.

Let us have a quick run of the amazing features of the Need for Speed Shift 3D. You are given 8 exciting speedsters to choose from including Nissan370Z, Mitsubishi Lancer, BMW M3 GT2, Dodge Viper SRT10, Lamborghini Gallardo, Nissan GT-R, Ford GT and Pagani Zonda. You can surely get your own brand of adrenaline rush driving through challenging race tracks in Chicago, Italy, London and Dubai. You will also have the usual features including the driver profile to tailor-fit the game configuration to your unique driving style, and saving the best for last, you will surely love the authentic racing experience through unmatched 3D graphics quality.

I love the challenge of racing all the way to the top rankings. Players can collect gold stars for topping race events and blue stars as bonus for driving with unmatched aggression and high precision. I simply cannot get enough and will always aim to unlock more exciting and thrilling race events.

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