Tuesday, June 1, 2010

BlackBerry Wordpress App Updated

Blackberry Wordpress 245x300 BlackBerry Wordpress App Updated

Wordpress is one of the many applications I love for the BlackBerry. This is the reason why I got really ecstatic when I heard about their update. Their version 1.2 is just fantastic, it has a lot more features and a lot of fixes that I am sure a lot of bloggers on the go can look forward to.

The first change is that we can now include some of our favorite audio recordings in a page or to one of our posts. I find this cool since I can finally add the recordings via my BlackBerry instead of waiting to get home.

Another update is that it now shows the complete stats of our Wordpress site as well as the other self-hosted sites that are created under Wordpress. This is sure to distract those that love their statistics even more, but the access is a good thing.

I have been waiting for them to allow adding my signature on the posts I had written and created from my mobile, and now I got my prayers answered. This is now possible, this helps let people know the reason why your post might have been so short, since you are sending it from your phone.

Lastly it now has an improved GPS support as well as a better GUI which now has a touch support, making it much easier to use on the Storm and Storm2.

For those who are not aware that Wordpress is available on your BlackBerry, you can download it and get the latest version at blackberry.wordpress.org and you can access it by BlackBerry App World too. To get the complete details on this updated version you can also visit the Wordpress For BlackBerry website. This application is definitely worth checking out, and is a must have for anyone with a Wordpress blog.

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