Sunday, June 20, 2010

Entertain Yourself with Scanner Radio

30402 Entertain Yourself with Scanner Radio

One of the best ways to stay connected if you are a journalist is through a police scanner. They are also good if you want to be a snoop or in the know on what is going on in your city.

The problem is a lot of police scanners have gone digital (all of them actually) so the pricetag and barrier to entry is much higher now than when it was all analog only signals. Luckily, there is a neat little application that allows you to access your areas police signal from your BlackBerry device. Very handy and at a price tag of $4.99 a lot cheaper than a digital scanner that is $200. Please make sure the application supports your cities police scanner first.

The Scanner Radio app provides access to a diverse range of different radio signals. The most popular options are of Police/Fire Stations and other radio communications. You have worldwide access to radio broadcasts straight to your BlackBerry. Radio stations number in over 2000 unique options which are categorized for easy browsing to find your own city to listen in on what the police, fire department and other radio communications have to say. The broadcasts take around a minute to buffer, but provide information on current events and more through the radio feeds for the location being listened to.

Important uses of the app include weather notice information for weather radio in locations where hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters are frequent.

The app has access to the high quality digital format that most stations are upgrading from outdated analog radio technologies. Scans coming in from longer distances may have a slightly longer delay, but offer the best alternative to an amateur radio system which no longer receives many analog signals. The preset frequencies receive periodical updates to new stations as well. With Scanner Radio, you can set presets for stations that you play frequently as well.

Get the app in the BlackBerry App World, here.

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