Monday, June 7, 2010

RIM Developing BlackBerry Onyx Delta 9700a?

Blackberry9700aUAProf thumb RIM Developing BlackBerry Onyx Delta 9700a?

So rumors have started to surface about a new BlackBerry Onyx Delta which is supposedly a redesigned BlackBerry Bold 9700. Its not typical of RIM to use the same codename, but as the folks over at BBLeaks stated, it does make sense in this case. Think about it, the Bold 9700 is one if not the most popular devices that they have ever developed. It wouldn’t make much sense for RIM to get rid of this device but it does make sense for them to put some upgrades inside of it. Supposedly RIM is going to put some of the things that are inside the Bold 9650 devices and the 9800 Slider such as

  • 5MP camera
  • 512 MB RAM
  • BlackBerry OS 6.0
  • New webkit browser

As I have said before one of RIM’s goals is to get people to buy their devices including current users. A lot of people will probably stick with their BlackBerry Bold 9700, but if RIM puts out a Bold 9700 with even better features and OS 6 ready, then those same Bold 9700 users will wont this Bold 9700a device thats even better. This device would most likely end up on AT&T. I’m sure we will see stuff about it sooner than later.

Source: BBleaks

Source: berryreview

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