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5 Accessories Every BlackBerry Owner Should Have

5 Accessories Every BlackBerry Owner Should Have: "
All BlackBerry owners are guilty of one thing – loving their devices too much. Most of us have kept an eye out for ways to optimize the blackberry experience, and get the absolute most out of the device. While mobile software definitely helps to customize the user experience, the use of accessories cannot be overlooked.

Whether looking to protect your handset from bumps and drops, or you’d like to keep it scratch-free, we’ve rounded up the best accessories to help you keep your beloved BlackBerry safe. If extra battery power is what you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered there too, with desktop chargers and extended batteries. Lastly, it’s no secret BlackBerry devices are incredibly useful to drivers, so we’ve included a little something for those of you who use your BlackBerry as GPS or multimedia devices.

Check out these five accessories every BlackBerry owner should use, and not only are they incredibly useful, they’re affordable too.

Extended Batteries

8520 extended battery 5 Accessories Every BlackBerry Owner Should Have

If you’re looking for an extra boost of battery power without having to swap out batteries, an extended battery is the perfect solution for you. These High Capacity Extended Li-ion Batteries last significantly longer than standard batteries, both while in stand-by and while in calls. These batteries do not effect the performance of your device at all, and include a new back-cover to handle the slightly bigger battery size.

BlackBerry Extended Batteries are available on EveryThing4BlackBerry and range from $12.99 – $27.99.

Available for: 8520/8530, 8900, 9000, 9500/9530, 9630

Desktop Desk Pod Charger

9700pod 5 Accessories Every BlackBerry Owner Should Have

For those looking to charge their BlackBerry devices on their desk without the hassle of plugging in cords, a Pod Charger will simplify your life beyond belief. There’s nothing better than getting to the office and being able to literally place your phone on a cradle to charge it. These also serve incredibly well for bedside, helping to prop up your device, serving as the perfect alarm clock without the possibility of the battery dying overnight. Not only is this accessory a life-saver, it also looks good, featuring chrome finishes to accent your blackberry perfectly.

BlackBerry Desk Pod Chargers range from $13.99 – $19.99 and are available now on EveryThing4BlackBerry

Available for: 8350i, 9000, 9500, 9630, 9650, 9700


skinred 5 Accessories Every BlackBerry Owner Should Have

Even the most careful gadget owners are prone to dropping their devices at least once in a while, so it’s no surprise that skins are a popular choice among BlackBerry owners. With a large selection to choose from, skin cases can help protect your device from bumps, drops, and even scratches. Even better, they come in a variety of colors, so you can express yourself while protecting your handset without adding bulk.

If you want to keep your BlackBerry safe, head to EveryThing4BlackBerry to pick up a skin! They range from $6.27 – $34.99, depending on which BlackBerry model you use and the level of protection you’re looking for. For the absolute best in protection, check out the Otterbox skins.

iGrip Universal Fit Flexible Mount Car Holder

iGrip Universal Fit Flexible Mount 5 Accessories Every BlackBerry Owner Should Have

If you’re one of the many BlackBerry owners who use the device in your vehicle for GPS or music, this universal BlackBerry windshield mount can serve as the perfect hands-free solution. Attaching to your windshield using a strong suction cup, this universal mount features a flexible neck and adjustable sides to fit any BlackBerry model. With a strong and durable design, this is a must-have accessory for any BlackBerry owner who drives.

The iGrip Universal Fit flexible Mount Car Holder is available at EveryThing4BlackBerry now for only $17.49

Screen Protectors

8900MIR 5 Accessories Every BlackBerry Owner Should Have

Whether you want to protect your screen from scratches, or want to give it a mirror finish so those around you can’t easily read your screen, there are a number of affordable screen protectors to choose from for whichever model you use. Ranging from $1.99 – $3.99, a screen protector is a small investment that will surely pay off by keeping your display in mint condition.

Once again, EveryThing4BlackBerry has you covered, so head over to pick up a screen protector for your BlackBerry model.

Available for:

Mirror – 8100/8110, 8120/8130, 8300/8310, 8320/8330, 8800/8810, 8820/8830, 8900, 9100, 9500/9530, 9630/9650, 9700

Standard – 8100/8110, 8120/8130, 8300/8310, 8320/8330, 8350i, 8800/8810, 8820/8830, 8900, 9500/9530, 9000, 9630/9650, 9700

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