Sunday, August 8, 2010

BlackBerry Bold 9700 Users- Are You Getting the BlackBerry Torch?

BlackBerry Bold 9700 Users- Are You Getting the BlackBerry Torch?: "
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So as a blogger I some times think of the most randomness questions. Sometimes I really analyze something to the max. Just a few hours ago I was watching tv and I looked at my BlackBerry Bold 9700 and thought to myself ” I wonder how many Bold 9700 users are going to be willing to make the jump to the BlackBerry Torch and how many aren’t” Lets think about it the Bold 9700 is an amazing device and a lot of people love it to death. It is definitely a workhorse device that lets you get done what you need to get down through out the day. Things like its perfectly formed keyboard to its amazing battery life. With BlackBerry 6 coming to the Bold 9700 one of these days, how many people are just going to wait till that day comes to grab OS 6. Don’t get me wrong the BlackBerry Torch is an amazing device and is probably the best BlackBerry on the market today. However is it enough to sway Bold 9700 users to switch?

What it really comes down to is how well OS 6 works on the Bold 9700. If BlackBerry 6 is amazing on the 9700 then I don’t think people are going to jump the ship as quickly as some might think. From all the reviews I have read already OS 6 seems like a memory hog and might not work that great on the 9700, however there is the chance of it working really well. Another thing you have to think of is if people want the touchscreen aspect of OS 6. The BlackBerry Storm devices did scare a lot of people away from Touchscreen RIM products. There are more points to weigh in, such as the Battery life of the 9700 compared to the Torch. How well will it be. Most reviewers are saying that the Torch battery life is pretty decent but we all know that the 9700 battery life is amazing. Another point is the 5 MP camera on the Torch compared to the 3.2 MP camera on the Bold 9700.

Now it is no surprise that I am going to be getting the BlackBerry Torch the day it comes out, but part of that is because I am a BlackBerry fanatic who wants all the latest BlackBerry units. What i am curious to see is how many times I switch back and forth between my 9700 and the Torch.

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