Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dan Dodge Talks BlackBerry Tablet OS

Dan Dodge Talks BlackBerry Tablet OS: "

web without limits Dan Dodge Talks BlackBerry Tablet OS

We can only assume you’re as excited about the recently announced BlackBerry PlayBook, announced yesterday at DevCon 2010. The new tablet, scheduled for release early next year, is powered by QNX Software Systems. Posted on the BlackBerry Dev Blog, Dan Dodge, co-founder and CEO of QNX Software Systems, discusses the upcoming OS.

In the interview, he provides one word to sum up the QNX Neutrino OS – architecture. This includes reliability, portability, performance, etc., and he goes on to explain how these will apply to the BlackBerry Tablet OS. He also mentions range of tools that can be used to develop for the upcoming OS, including Adobe Air Mobile, Adobe Flash, HTML 5, and more.

What does all of this mean to the consumer? I’d like to hope a wide range of great applications to cater the needs of everybody. What type of applications are you most excited for on the BlackBerry PlayBook?

Head over to the BlackBerry Dev Blog for the full discussion

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