Sunday, October 3, 2010

FireFox Home Coming to BlackBerry

FireFox Home Coming to BlackBerry: "

Firefox Home FireFox Home Coming to BlackBerry

Currently only available on the iPhone, FireFox Home is an application geared towards those who use FireFox as their desktop browser. The app gives users access to their FireFox desktop history, bookmarks, and tabs directly on their device. According to the official Mozilla Mobile Blog, a BlackBerry version is in the works.

Apparently the current app is also getting the following features:

  • Synchronize passwords to your phone so you don’t have to type them in anymore.

  • Bring other Firefox customizations such as search engine preferences.

  • Bring your Firefox Panorama settings and tab groups to your phone.

  • Some of our more experimental features will allow you to easily share

  • links, reviews and comments with your friends on Twitter, Facebook or

  • other social networks directly from Firefox Home.

  • Build the ability to provide feedback and get help with any issues directly from within Firefox Home.

Hopefully we’ll see these features in the BlackBerry version as well, and with any luck, a full FireFox browser at some point.

[ via BlackBerry Leaks & Mozilla Mobile Blog ]

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