Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The BlackBerry Trackballer Breakout Board in Action

This is the new BlackBerry Trackballer from SparkFun. It's not your ordinary trackball as it will certainly add some flare to your BlackBerry. The Trackballer comes equipped with four tiny spindles each with its own magnet that is paired with a hall effect sensor. This means incredible responsiveness and feedback from your trackball. It is also loaded with four pretty LED lights that will illuminate in red, blue, green and white. Pete Lewis from SparkFun has given us an incredible behind the scenes look at how it all works. Could this possibly be a fix for the BlackBerry Tour trackball issues?


  • Center select button

  • 360° direction

  • Hall effect sensors measure up/down/left/right movements of trackball

  • Red, blue, green, white LEDs to light up the trackball

  • All pins broken out to 0.1' pitch header

You can purchase the BlackBerry Trackballer from SparkFun for $14.95 on their website.

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